Tips and care

By taking care of our misters in the right way, you make sure they stay as handsome as possible. Make sure you always look at our care label for the best washing advice. Since most of our misters contain beautiful eyelash lace or other delicate fabrics, we mostly recommend hand wash only.

You can wash your bottoms obviously a bit warmer due to hygiene reasons, but make sure you do not tumble dry the products!

chptr-S recommends hand-wash only to preserve the delicate lace, preferable in a washing bag. This way the quality of the lace and fabrics stays to it utmost. By using hand wash only your bra will keep its elasticity better, which is very important for its fitting style.

Never tumble dry your misters! Our misters can’t handle the high temperatures, colors will fade and elastics lose its power. The best way to dry your mister is to put it on top of a towel. Make sure the (padded) cups are back in the right shape.

Also, never iron your precious misters. They really can’t handle the heath..

Our care label recommends hand wash on 30 degrees Celsius. Make sure you wash your bottoms with equal colors.

Do not iron or tumble dry the bottoms.

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