About chptr-S

chptr-S was launched in 2017 with headquarters in the Netherlands and founded by sisters Valery & Daniek. The name chptr-S originates from a new chapter in the sisters life creating a new label together and at the same time represents the brand’s core values; strong, sexy and sophisticated.

chptr-S’ designs and quality of materials give your wardrobe an effortless sex appeal that’s just waiting to be revealed. It’s made for women to embrace their bodies, indulge, and love themselves. chptr-S represents sisterhood and encourages women to be strong, sexy and sophisticated in their own unique way.

With the vision “be sexy but subtle” chptr-S launches its first lingerie collection called ‘Sister from another mister’, featuring sexy bralettes and lots of lace. The collection ‘Sister from another mister’ evolved from a close friendship among women and sisters. Valery & Daniek are not just sisters, they are best friends as well. With this in mind, they wanted to create a collection that represents friendships among both sisters and friends.That being said, the quote ‘Sister from another mister’ fits perfectly with the first collection. Curious about our misters? Take a quick look here.

chptr-S can be bought both online and at exclusive fashion boutiques in the Netherlands and Belgium.

About the Founders

The two sisters behind the brand – Valery & Daniek – have an unrivalled passion for lingerie and fashion and have launched a new lingerie label chptr-S. chptr-S represents sisterhood and encourages women to be strong, sexy and sophisticated in their own unique way. Being raised by entrepreneurs, they were always inspired to create a company of their own. The strong sisterly bond as well as Valery’s background in fashion and Daniek’s background in communications make a great combination to branch out on their own and follow their dreams. Living abroad and immersing themselves in different cultures and ways of thinking only fueled their entrepreneurial spirit.
Quality products, fashion and pretty materials have always been of the utmost importance to both of them. They have always been attracted to the best that fashion has to offer, and this translates into the lingerie label. Whilst shopping for lingerie and failing to find what they were looking for, they knew what to do. With a ‘Why the hell not!?’ attitude they decided to create a label of their own.
They have always believed an outfit isn’t totally complete unless you are wearing a cute set of lingerie underneath.

After all, lingerie is what a woman begins and ends her day with!







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